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WORTH THE WAIT by Karelia Stetz-Waters ’99

High school best friends Merritt and Avery missed their chance at romance, but they haven’t stopped thinking about each other since graduation. Will they find their way to each other now, at their 15 year high school reunion? We think YES, because this contemporary lesbian romance comes to us from an author who prides herself on the happily ever after.

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THE ROGUE NOT TAKEN by Sarah Maclean

Smithie romance novelist Sarah MacLean launched another addictive series with THE ROGUE NOT TAKEN, the first book in the SCANDAL & SCOUNDREL collection. MacLean’s world-building is peerless, the smutty bits are excellent, and her brainy, independent heroines all belong at Smith!

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SPARROW by Sarah Moon

SPARROW, by debut author Sarah Moon, is the story of a sensitive, gifted African American girl who tells us with mordant humor what it feels like to spend every day wishing so hard that you could fly away from it all.

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IDYLL FEARS by Stephanie Gayle

The second in a series, IDYLL FEARS follows detective Thomas Lynch as he struggles to find a missing 6-year-old lost in a blizzard. The case shines a spotlight on the small town of Idyll, CT — and Lynch, the town’s recently out Chief of Police. Fans of crime mystery and police procedurals won’t want to miss this compelling series!

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MECHANICA by Betsy Cornwell

“Readers looking for an atypical fairy tale will find this refreshing because it relies less on traditional romance or happy endings, and more on living independently and unconventionally, loving freely, and being able to choose your own destiny.”

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SOMETHING TRUE by Karelia Stetz-Waters

The first book in Karelia Stetz-Waters’ OUT IN PORTLAND series is features a closeted property developer, a barista with soulful eyes, and the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. SOMETHING TRUE is a contemporary lesbian romance for anyone who has struggled to put her own needs ahead of her family’s.

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SING ME HOME by Shannon O’Brien

We have no idea where author Shannon O’Brien got her inspiration for her first novel, which is set at a women’s college in New England and features a budding romantic relationship between members of rival a capella groups. The Lesbian Review calls SING ME HOME a sweet, low-angst novel that “has the lovely lesbian romance that was missing from the Pitch Perfect movies.”

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