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Dorie Clark, a successful entrepreneur and author, has done it all. And in Entrepreneurial You she provides a blueprint for professional independence, with insights and advice on building your brand, monetizing your expertise, and extending your reach and impact online. For entrepreneurs of all stripes!

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WORD BY WORD by Kory Stamper

Part memoir, part cultural history, Kory Stamper’s WORD BY WORD: THE SECRET LIFE OF DICTIONARIES is “a must-read for word mavens.” As a lexicographer and speaker of many (dead) languages, Kory has ample insight into the metamorphoses languages undergo over time. This is a hilarious account of how dictionaries are made… word by word.

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DIG WHERE YOU ARE by Nan Alexander Doyle

An inspiring read for anyone wondering how they can make an impact on the challenges facing our communities today. DIG WHERE YOU ARE chronicle the efforts of seven social activists to make big changes from small beginnings, and challenges each of us to ask ourselves — what can we do here and now?

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