AND WHO BY NOBODY'S SON? by Dane Kuttler

In this collection, poet Dane Kuttler weaves together three seemingly unconnected narratives in order to suggest what it means to be called home.


Dane Kuttler’s inaugural book, And Who By Nobody’s Son?, weaves three seemingly unrelated storylines into an exploration of homes and homelands. The poems draw on the language of Yom Kippur liturgy, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), and queerness in pop culture. One thread follows the history of Sephardic Judaism from Spanish ancestry through the Expulsion of 1492 to a permanent exile. A second plays with the idea of experiencing home in one’s body, through a series of vignettes about a young queer person. The third focuses on the Boston Marathon Bombing and its effect on both city and nation, as America grapples with whether or not to lay claim to the roots of the Tsarnaev brothers’ radicalism. Kuttler ties together disparate narratives in order to suggest what it means to be called home.




Dane Kuttler writes poems and cooks food in Northampton, MA. She has toured nationally three times, won the Best of Blood and Thunder Award for a poem about hospice care and performed her work in concert halls, libraries and living rooms.