P.O.W.ER by Lisa A. Kramer

This is a YA novel that not-so-young adults will want to dive into. In a time where women and girls are forbidden to read or write, one young woman is about to discover the power of words to change the world — literally. Kramer’s book will appeal to fans of Margaret Atwood’s THE HANDMAID’S TALE and Octavia Butler’s SEED TO HARVEST.


2015 National Book Award Nominee

What would happen if women and girls joined their unique abilities to change the world? In a time where access to the written word is reserved to men, Andra BetScrivener’s ability to read and write must remain a secret, or she could lose her hands, her eyes or her life. At 17 she discovers that her abilities extend beyond reading: She can write events to life. Despite her efforts to keep her powers hidden, she comes to the attention of both the government and a rebel group, who each desire to use Andra for their own goals. She learns that her words have the power to kill, threatening her father’s life and her own freedom. Andra’s fight empowers others to stop governmental oppression. But in a society ruled by lies, cruelty and inequality, her journey will not be easy or safe.



Lisa A. Kramer has spent her life learning, creating, and exploring the world through theatre, writing, travelling and collaborating as an educator. She has lived in nine states and two countries (including Japan). She holds a PhD in Theatre for Youth, an MFA in Theatre Directing, and a BA in English Language & Literature and Theatre.