Happy Pride 2017 Smithies! June also marks GLBT book month — here are four #RainbowReads to queer up your TBR. Tell us about your favorite LGBT titles in the comments!

WE ARE OKAY by Nina LaCour is a beautiful, quiet story of Marin who is alone at college over winter break sorting through her grief and loneliness when her ex-girlfriend comes to visit and breaks her out of her shell. It’s a lovely read and Smithies will undoubtedly relate to being holed up in a dorm room eating ramen noodles while a snowstorm rages outside.” -Coleman M.



“I ordered a copy of SURPLUS by Sylvia Stevenson (1924) through Amazon that was supposed to be an 80’s reprint through a lesbian press (found the title in the back of another book from the press). Instead, I got the original edition that feels like the book itself is a queer story. It has a name and address of the original owner in it. I imagine what her life was like, reading a queer book in the 1920’s. I went so far as looking up the house on Zillow to better imagine her.” -Colleen H.

Smithie Peggy Gilespie conducted the interviews for the powerful portraiture book LOVE MAKES A FAMILY: Portraits of LGBT People and Their Families. It is based on the exhibit of the same name which still travels all over the country to colleges, schools, libraries, museums, and houses of worship. Mary B. writes, “I grew up in Provincetown and that book was everywhere!”

Lambda Award nominated THREE by Annemarie Monahan (Bryn Mawr College ’84)  is “300 pages of lesbian sex, radical politics and blasphemy.” One woman’s life diverges in three directions when, at 17, she asks herself Prufrock’s fateful question — do I dare to eat a peach? Lambda Literary says “With an air of myth, an acute sense of irony, and a climactic sex scene you’ll never forget, this savory book will keep a smirk of pleasure smeared across your face at every pithy dialogue, sharp observation, and lyrical turn of phrase.” I’m bumping this one up to the top of my TBR! –ed.